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We have created logos for many companies across numerous market sectors. We are passionate about ensuring the logo fulfils all your requirements.
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Logos are an Integral Part of a Company’s Image

A corporate logo is a very important part of any business. A well thought out logo design will make a strong statement about your company. In some cases, it may be the first aspect of the company brand a customer sees. This could be on the company website, on business stationery, or on printed marketing material. However in all cases, it is essential the corporate logo is a unique, professional-looking design. After all, first impressions count and ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ as they say!

Logo development is an integral part of establishing and building your corporate brand identity. Ultimately, the company logo design is a visual representation of your entire business. It will put a ‘face’ on your organisation and as your company becomes established, so your brand recognition will increase. This is the point at which the corporate logo becomes synonymous with the identity of the brand.

What Makes a Successful Logo?

The most successful logos are simple, yet powerful designs. Any good company logo design should transition well from small scale marketing materials to large scale promotional items. The logo must be as visually effective on a business card as it is on an exhibition stand or poster.

When it comes to corporate branding, a good company logo design will be a carefully considered concept. It will promote the business as effectively as possible within the given industry sector. Generally, a logo design will be comprised of a standalone typeface, or it will be text coupled with a clear, legible graphical icon.

It is important that your brand’s corporate identity remains consistent throughout all aspects of the business. This will ensure the brand recognition continues to grow. It will also help to ensure a professional image is maintained. Here at Studio 74, our Creative Design Team have the expertise and advice needed to start you off on the right track. Our skills and design knowledge will help create an effective new branding for your company.

The Design Process

1. Briefing

In the first instance we work closely with you to establish a design brief to gain more knowledge about your business

2. Research

This information is then used as a research basis, as we move on to the logo concept phase

3. Refinement

Following feedback from you on the initial logo concepts, these are refined and revisions presented

4. Launch

Produce the final logo set for use in print and on the web. Brand guidelines produced

Studio 74’s Creative Design Team Can Help

Do you require a bespoke company logo design?

If so, Studio 74’s Creative Team have the experience you need. For companies with an existing corporate identity, you can be assured we will retain all the essential elements of your brand. So go on, give us a try.

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