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Studio 74’s website designers specialise in creating functional, clean, WordPress websites. We work with businesses across a wide range of industry sectors.
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Web Design at Studio 74

When designing a website, we work closely with you to understand YOUR business and YOUR requirements. This way, our Website Designers can develop an online presence that provides the most appropriate solution for YOU. All elements of the web design and build are done in-house. We do not out-source any part of the web development process. This allows you the benefit of having one point of contact for the duration of the project.

Here at Studio 74 we work closely with you throughout the briefing process. This helps ensure the final website we develop includes all the functionality you need. After all, we want to help you get out there and showcase your business.

As Web Designers, we know that all businesses are unique. Therefore, we don’t generalise on our website offerings! Each web design and build is specifically tailored to the needs of the client and their organisation. In addition, all the sites we design and build are fully responsive and optimised for mobile use.

Our passion is to design affordable websites that engage the audience and create a good first impression for your company. All the web design projects we undertake are tailored with a custom template to compliment your company image. However, if your budget is limited, we can still provide you with a functional site by purchasing an off-the-shelf template.

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Website Rebrand Vs Rebuild

Websites built on the Wordpress CMS platform have the option of being periodically refreshed due to it’s incredible versatility.

Often the company website needs to grow organically as the business becomes more established. With WordPress websites this is completely possible. The modular nature of WordPress allows the site the flexibility to expand with the business. Therefore, this makes it the ideal system on which to develop and build corporate websites.

Over time, as design styles change and adapt to new market trends, websites can become out-of-date.

When this happens, ideally you’d commission a Web Design Company to design and build a new corporate website. 

However, this is not always financially possible. With websites developed on the WordPress platform there is the possibility of giving them a fresh, updated look.

So, if your website is still performing well for your business, perhaps a new template design is all that’s required. And it could be that this option is more achievable than an expensive rebuild.

Refreshing the brand image could be just the boost your site needs to attract new visitors. Therefore, redeveloping the existing website can be a great cost-effective way of giving your company site a fantastic new look.


An example of the wordpress administration editor, that can be used to edit website content, on desktop or mobile.

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that was first released back in 2003. It is now an extremely established, versatile platform on which to build custom website designs. 

  • In 2023, WordPress powers 43.2% of the web*
  • 14.7% of the world’s top sites are WordPress sites.*

The WordPress websites created by our Website Designers all utilise a password protected admin system. Through this, you have the ability to edit, delete and publish content to your site quickly and easily. This is done via WordPress’ user-friendly, visual editor. The websites we design here at Studio 74 give YOU back control. 

Studio 74’s Creative Design Team Can Help

Do you require a simple online presence, or are you looking for a full e-commerce site?

Whatever your requirements, we have the web design skills to develop a successful website for you. For companies with an existing corporate identity, you can be assured we will be retain all the essential elements of your brand. So go on, give us a try.

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